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I.B.M.'s RISC Technology / Wave of the Future ? : 20 pages in length. A comprehensive and technical research document in which the writer examines the history and background of IBM's RISC technology and attempts to determine whether or not continuing with its development will prove to be a wise move for the company in terms of the Power PC and other breakthroughs. Plenty of statistical data and in-depth analyses are provided. An appendix features several charts. Bibliography lists at least 20 sources. Ibmrisc.wps

I.B.M.'s RISC Technology / A Model Dissertation Proposal : A model 8 page dissertation proposal to discuss the possibility of preparing research into whether or not IBM's RISC technology is likely to remain a worthwhile strategy in the future. Goals, barriers & issues, and a fairly lengthy bibliography are included. This paper is linked to a complete version (Ibmrisc.wps; 20 pages)-- Please send us e-mail for more details. Infodiss.wps

Competitors In The CPU Chips Industry : A 7 page paper that explores who is the leader in the CPU chips manufacturing industry and why. Of the three leaders in the business, one holds a lion's share of the market. Despite efforts of the other two, the leader's approaches to research and development will keep that company in the lead for a long time to come. Bibliography lists 7 sources. PGCPU.wps

Intel's Success & Failure : A 6 page analysis of Intel's success in the microprocessor industry supplemented with critical review of their apparently poor handling of the 1995 "flawed Pentium" chip fiasco in which it was announced that all chips made up until a certain date would produce an incorrect result when performing one specific calculation in division Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intel95.wps

Sun Microsystems / Workstations : A 40 page research thesis that explores first the Workstation industry, then specifically Sun Microsystems. Sections regarding the industry as a whole include: an industry profile, competitors, comparisons of sales and net income of major players in the industry, an analysis of Porter's model and how it is used in the industry, and the importance of information technology to the industry. Sections focusing on Sun Microsystems include: a profile of the company, including its chief executive officers, financial performance over a five year period of time, their competitive strategy model, and an analysis of how they use information systems including the use of Wiseman's strategic option generator, a profile of the company's success factors and a final analysis of Sun in terms of business strategy and how well the company is positioned for the future. Tables, Charts and other Illustrations are included in this report. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Sun.wps

Threats & Protections For Computer Operating Systems : A 15 page paper discussing and analyzing computer security and measures that must be taken in order to protect a computer’s operating system. Bibliography lists five sources. Comptp.doc

Operating Systems -- A Brief History : A 5 page research paper on the history of operating systems, and a comparison of Unix and MS-DOS. The writer details how Unix works along with its limitations, and how DOS follows a similar pattern but is more user friendly. One source cited. Opsys.wps

Unix Versus NT : 15 pages in length. Battles have long been waged and lost throughout history, but there is nothing quite like the technological competition that is being pursued between Microsoft Windows NT and Unix systems. At the very beginning of the server war nearly two and a half years ago, Microsoft Corp. introduced Windows NT as a direct competitor of the ever-popular Unix system. Vendors that distributed Unix were amused by the so-called competition, labeling it too immature to ever establish itself in the same category. The writer discusses whether or not NT has proven itself as a viable competitor to Unix. Bibliography lists 10 sources. UnixVsNt.wps

Windows NT & Novell : A 5 page overview of Windows NT and Novell. Emphasizes that while each product is excellent, Novell may currently have a slight edge with their new modular directory features. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Winov.wps

Comparison and Integration of Microsoft Windows NT 4 and Novell NetWare 4.11 : This 8 page report discusses the two major network operating systems integration tools currently on the market. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ntnetwar.wps

Computer Operating Systems / A Comparison of UNIX, Windows & OS2 :
A 15 page overview of computer operating systems. Provides specific information on Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX, and OS/2. Concludes that choice of a system will ultimately revolve around user familiarity and compatibility with what is already on the user's computer system. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Compsys.wps

Comparison of Windows NT, UNIX & MS-DOS : A 10 page paper discussing these three operating systems. The operating system under which our computer-dependent society and business community operate present options for application that each organization must choose for themselves, at least until IBM, Unisys and some other high-end manufacturers are able to integrate the advantages of the two most popular multi-user, multitasking systems in use today, Windows NT and UNIX. Each has their distinct advantages, and differ thoroughly from the MS-DOS of the early days that can run only on personal computers and handle a single task at a time. Bibliography lists 10 sources. OpSysT.WPS

Computer Software / Choices : This 6 page paper discusses choices in computer software, particularly focusing in on Microsoft’s Access 97 and Oracle’s Oracle 8. The two basics are compared along with a discussion on why a company executive would choose one product over the other. Features such as Internet connectivity and hyperlink capabilities are included and the Year 2000 problem is mentioned. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Compsoft.wps

Oracle 8 / An Analysis : A 5 page overview of the many attributes of Oracle 8, a cost effective sophisticated database system. Stresses the importance of such systems to business and lists the attributes and performance of Oracle 8. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Oracle8.wps

Properties Which Affect Computer Performance / CPU Properties : A 5 page examination of the current hardware and operating system factors which affect computer performance. Emphasis is on the differences in Pentium processors. Bibliography lists four sources. Cpuchar.wps

UNIX / Initiator, Competitor, Server : An 8 page paper on the UNIX operating system, its history and purpose, competitor threats and how UNIX designers are coping with that threat, along with the fact that it has support from its customer base. The paper postulates that UNIX has served many different government and scientific entities in the past and continues to be enhanced by software designers in order to better serve customers by remaining responsive to today’s marketplace. The UNIX operating system serves, and will continue to serve the world through the Web. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Unix.wps

Effects Of Technology Export Control On The Supercomputer Industry : A 15 page paper discussing the effects of 50-year-old regulations on the supercomputer industry. Established in 1949, technology export controls were meant to prevent potentially devastating technology from reaching the Soviet bloc countries from outside. The Soviet bloc countries no longer exist in their previous form, and most of the developed nations of the world have supercomputers in place, and the primary effect of export controls is that of stifling competition in the industry and maintaining prices at artificially high levels. The industry within the US also suffers from anti-dumping laws heavily weighted in US favor; the combined effect of both is that we are prevented from realizing the benefits offered by supercomputer application because of the resulting limited competition allowed. The paper advocates eliminating the anti-dumping laws and reforming export control to restrict only nuclear weapon components rather than a single tool that could be used in their construction. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Superpu.wps

Client Servers : A 9 page overview of the benefits of client servers to the global community. The writer focuses mainly on benefits to businesses operating in both the internet and intranet environments. Brief descriptions are provided on NT and UNIX platforms, and examples of time and cost savings are provided. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Clinserv.wps

Intel & Microsoft -- The Pricing Strategies of Industry Leaders : A 16 page research paper on Intel's pricing strategy with regard to Pentium chips and Microsoft's pricing strategy regarding Windows and other products. Manufacturing costs, marketing factors, and the competitive environment are all taken into account as the writer discusses Intel's historic pricing patterns and makes predictions for the future while doing the same for Microsoft as well. A number of specific pricing examples and statistical data is provided. Bibliography lists 15+ sources. Pentpric.wps

Microsoft, Inc. : A 9 page paper that provides a financial overview of Microsoft Corp, while also considering investment possibilities in this company. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Msft.wps

Microsoft / The First Decade : A 5 page paper on the success of the Microsoft Corporation. Concentrates on the first ten years spanning between 1976 and 1986. Products and management styles are included. Bibliography includes six sources. Microsft.wps

Microsoft / Successful Strategies For Today and Tomorrow : In 1987, a PC Week editorial remarked that Microsoft would have to "pull off a marketing miracle" to get people to use their new version of Windows. Years later, the joke's on PC Week and this 8 page report examines just how Microsoft's strategy has prevailed and how it hopes to continue to do so in the future. Projects, plans, and new Microsoft products & services are presented. A FREE chronology of the company's development is included .Bibliography lists 8 sources. Microsof.wps

Is Microsoft A Monopoly? : This 6 page report discusses the classic definition of monopoly and how Microsoft does or does not fit that description based on basic principles of microeconomics. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Msmono.wps

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer & Antitrust Concerns : A 5 page paper discussing the Justice Department’s pursuit of Microsoft on antitrust charges stemming from its bundling of its products with new computers from third parties. The Cato Institute’s Robert Levy says of the entire antitrust suit against Microsoft, "That dispute revolves around Microsoft's "tie-in" of its browser (Internet Explorer) with its operating system (Windows 95) -- a tie-in that poses no greater threat to competition...than the packaging of tires with automobiles, cream with coffee, laces with shoes, even left gloves with right gloves". Instead, the threat to competition rests more in Microsoft’s competitors being less able to compete based on their own lack of good ideas. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Micft.wps

Microsoft / Antitrust Law and Economics : A 20 page research paper that explores the antitrust lawsuit to April 21, 1998 in terms of the Sherman Act, court transcripts, and monopolistic behavior. The writer argues that in addition to antitrust considerations, the economics of the issue must be considered, particularly in light of proposed regulation of the software industry. Both sides are presented and proposed resolutions explored, with a recommendation that whatever the outcome, that open competition be maintained. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Ecnmicrs.doc

Microsoft Anti-trust Lawsuit : 6 pages in length. In a world where money is omnipotent and those who possess great wealth are revered as being God-like, Bill Gates stands on the top of the highest monetary mountain. However, the Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is feeling the strength of that mountain crumble just a little bit beneath his feet as the result of an anti-trust lawsuit brought about by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and twenty state attorney generals. Their claim: Gates' manipulative manner of using monopolistic practices in an overt attempt to control the Internet, including related software products. Their demand: That Microsoft detach its browser, Internet Explorer, from the Windows system and sell it separately or give users a choice between Explorer and its number one competitor, Netscape Navigator. The writer discusses actions taken by Gates in dealing with the lawsuit. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Antilaw.wps

The Case For Bill Gates : A 5 page paper that offers a case for Bill Gates and Microsoft in the antitrust action brought by the federal government. The writer points to the fact that choices are available for the consumer. Gatescas.wps

Microsoft / Antitrust Case : A 5 page overview and opinion on the antitrust case against Microsoft. The writer explores the process from December 1997 through March 1998, with reference to the 1995 settlement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Micrcase.wps

Microsoft's Windows 95 : A 7 page paper on Windows 95, its prolonged release, and the pros and cons of its use in comparison to previous versions. The writer describes news of "bugs" in Windows 95 and some of the problems encountered by users. On the lighter side, technical aspects of the 32-bit operating system are also discussed as they relate to enhanced productivity and information management. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Window95.wps

Windows95 v. WindowsNT : An 8 page paper comparing the functionalities of Windows95 & WindowsNT that analyzes why Win95 continues to be the OS of choice over NT. Gives specs on each and cites strengths & weaknesses of each. Bibliography lists 8 sources. NTv95.doc

Windows NT 4.0 v. UNIX – A Cost Comparison : An 8 page paper discussing a cost comparison between WindowsNT 4.0 and UNIX which shows UNIX to be a better value and less expensive to a company. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Ntvunix.doc

Microsoft Windows Nt Vs. Unix : 5 pages in length. Microsoft Windows NT and Unix have come head to head over which system is the best in the market. Variables aside, it appears NT still has a way to go before it will reach the status of Unix. The writer compares the two systems and offers comments from industry analysts as to why one may be better than the other. Bibliography included. Ntunix2.wps

Electronic Mail Software & Groupware : A 70 page paper that provides a systematic overview of existing E-mail software and groupware server applications, including MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, Netscape E-mail and groupware solutions, and considers the benefits and limitations of each option. Bibliography lists 40 sources. Mailware.wps

Netscape Communications Corporation : A 6 page research paper analyzing Netscape Communications. After presenting a brief history and financial data about Netscape, the writer discusses their recent problems and makes recommendations for the company. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Netscom.wps

Bill Gates / Model of an Entrepreneur : A detailed, 6 page discussion of Microsoft C.E.O. Bill Gates' success and the years he spent climbing the ladder to get there. The writer argues as to why Gates represents a model of American entrepreneurship. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gates.wps

Bill Gates -- "The Road Ahead" : In this 6 page paper about Bill Gates' own book in which the writer focuses upon Gates' vision for the future of technology and then takes issue with the various points he makes. It is argued that the improvements described in the book will benefit, not harm, society. The future is now, and those who don’t want to travel "the highway" will no doubt find themselves all alone by the side of the road ahead...Full citation provided. Gate.wps

Bill Gates -- "The Road Ahead" # 2 : Bill Gates’ book is discussed in this 5 page paper. The work is reviewed from a professional perspective, but also addresses areas that laymen would be interested in. Includes a discussion of the Microsoft Wallet and new home safety technology. No other sources are used. Bgates.rtf

Bill Gates -- "The Road Ahead" # 3 : This 5 page paper looks at Bill Gates’s The Road Ahead in terms of its influence in science and technology. Many points made in the book are discussed and expanded to include the implications of technology on the human race. No additional sources cited. Roadhead.wps

Bill Gates’ Rise To Fortune : A 4 page biography of Microsoft C.E.O. & billionaire, Bill Gates. Beginning with Gates’ childhood, the writer outlines the development of his competitive ambition and entrepreneurial spirit. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Bgates.wps

Comparing Two Modern Word Processors : This 4 page paper discusses the comparable features of Corel WordPerfect 7 and Microsoft Word 7.0, provides a list of features and minimum specifications for operation and reviews lauding MS-Word because of the additional management suites. This still leaves the choice up to the user. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Wordproc.wps

Dell Computer : An 18 page paper discussing Dell’s acsension to the number one producer of personal computers and the competitive pressures they face. Historically, Dell Computer has participated primarily in the hardware segment of the PC market, and has concentrated on government agencies and small business for the bulk of their sales. With the shift of focus among so many companies regarding just what the Internet might be able to do for them, both in terms of boosting sales of their own products and as a tool for developing intranets not dependent on physical location as Local Area Networks (LANs) are, Dell has also added Internet servers to their talents for voluminous and rapid sales. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Dellcomp.doc

Computer Industry / Comparative Analysis : This 5 page paper briefly compares five computer companies in terms of P/E and estimated growth over a five year forecast. The companies evaluated are : IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Dell, & Compaq. Recommendations for Buy and Sell are offered based on the data presented. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Compare5.wps

Palmtop Computers to Enhance Workplace Productivity : In this well-developed 9 page example of professional proposal writing, the author presents a plan to a fictitious executive board designed to replace the company's current technology with palmtop computers in the field-- to better communicate inter-departmental needs. Broken down into sections, the report contains : a problem statement, discussion of solutions, decision analysis, and do forth. This paper is also worthwhile as a model for anyone studying computer-related applications as it contains a thorough, technical analysis of one particular model believed to be the company's best choice.. Recommendations and future predictions are provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Palmtops.wps

Intel’s Pentium Microprocessor Family : An 8 page discussion of the Pentium microprocessors that had been introduced by Intel since 1993. Includes performance information for Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium MMX, and Pentium II. Particular emphasis is placed upon the merits of Pentium II. Bibliography lists six sources. Pentiums.wps

The Direction Of Antitrust Regulation : An 8 page paper discussing and analyzing the direction of antitrust regulation in the US. The writer cites case studies of the computer industry (Microsoft and Intel) and the long-distance telephone industry. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Antireg.wps

The Computer Buying Process Simplified : A 5 page overview of the process involved in shopping for a computer. Includes a spreadsheet which compares features of three systems offered at three different stores and a graph which allows the potential purchaser to visualize differences in the different systems and how these differences relate to price. No sources are listed. Compbuy.wps

Shopping for a PC in the Nineties : A 4 page essay describing a computer-purchasing decision and the factors that went into it. Various definitive explanations are given for considering such features as hard drive side, CD-ROM speed, number of ISA slots, etc; Bibliography lists 2 sources. Compubuy.wps

Yahoo! Inc. / A Case Study in Marketing : A 7 page paper that outlines the development and marketing strategies of Yahoo! Inc., the company developed around the Internet search engine. Though this company is only 2 years old, the projections that can be determined by current figures demonstrate the wise management and development practices of the company and the complexity of new products currently being marketed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Yahoo.wps

Advertising Software : A 4 page paper discussing, based upon research, how large software companies develop advertising budgets that enable them to monopolistically "outdo" smaller companies who can not afford to compete. The writer feels that advertising should be made available and affordable to all. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Compuadv.wps

Sucessfully Bringing Software To The Marketplace : A 10 page paper discussing the key components of a successful software launch. What are the problems facing developers? How can they be resolved? Bibliography lists ten sources. Software.doc

Use of Project Management Techniques in Software Development : This 20 page paper addresses the problems inherent in software development as contractors often misuse time and go over budget in the completion of projects. The solution presented involves the use of project management techniques. Examples of companies that had problems, as well as success stories, are included in the paper. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Softdev.wps

Apple Talk : A complete overview of "Apple Talk"-- what it is, what is does, and how it works. Paper is 6 pages in length and lists 4 references. Appletal.wps

BACnet Hardware and Software Needs : A 7 page research paper on BACnet and its use as a controller for climate control, lighting, and security systems in large buildings. The writer details what it is, how it operates, and the equipment involved. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bacnet.doc

CASE (Computer-Aided System Engineering) Tools : A 10 page paper that documents the significance of CASE tools and their application within business structures. The author relates both the pros and cons of utilizing these tools and concludes that their use is important to business quality and production. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Case.wps

Third Generation Software / Efficiency and Flexibility : A 5 page paper that discusses how third generation software like Visual Basic, Visual C++, DELPHI, and other programs assist developers in flexibility and efficiency. The software is viewed in relationship to the developer. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Swthird.wps

The Problem Of Software Piracy : A 6 page paper on the problems of software piracy around the world. Included are various statistics associated with the problem as well as details concerning court cases being deliberated. The writer also discusses some of the measuress that are being taken to turn the problem around. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Piracy.wps

A "How To" Manual for Business-Related Computer Software : A 7 page technical manual -- prepared by the writer -- on how to use a specific piece of software that organizes calendar appointments and more. Paper is broken down into concise sections and in addition to serving as useful tool for anyone interested in learning about such software, it also exists as an excellent sample of professional & technical writing. No Bibliography. Lotusorg.wps

Starting a Computer Consulting Business : This 5 page paper analyzes the prospect of going into a computer consulting business. It advises a student thinking about embarking on such an endeavor to do research and consider financial factors. Start up costs are discussed in detail. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Buscon.wps

Computer Consulting Case Study : A 9 page paper that considers a specific computer industry case study (CompuGear, Inc.) and the responses of a professional computer consulting firm team in the solution of current issues. Recommendations to increase productivity and improve profitability are discussed in detail. No Bibliography. Compcon.wps

Computer Industry/Governmental Alliances : A 5 page overview of the importance of the alliances between the computer industry and various branches of government. Discusses such innovations as the Internet, law enforcement software, and data encryption software which are a direct result of these alliances. Bibliography lists 6 sources. PPCompAl.wps

PowerLeap / Company & Product Overview : 5 pages in length. PowerLeap provides help for those seeking to upgrade their computer systems online. Located at www.powerleap.com, the company offers a vast array of upgrade options, services and informational fact sheets. In an effort to make one’s computer upgrade a relatively hassle-free experience, the site also supports several discussion groups where people find valuable interaction with other consumers with regard to potential problems about upgrading their systems. The writer offers an overview of the company and its products. No additional sources cited. Powrleap.wps

Money 98 vs Quicken 98 in XYZ Accounting Firm : A 5 page overview of the relative value of Money 98 and Quicken 98 to a fictional accounting firm, XYZ Accounting. Briefly discusses the attributes of each program and attributes the superiority of Money 98 to Microsoft’s research and development process. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Monquick.wps

Assessing The Inner Operation Of Mercury Web & Graphic Designs : 6 pages in length. The Mercury Web & Graphic Designs Company is a firm that is in the business of enhancing the business lives of their clients. Because of their expertise, customers are able to design specific components that address their enterprising needs. The company has been quite successful throughout the last several years, demonstrating ever-growing profits with each passing quarter. However, it has come to the owner's attention that production on all levels has begun to slip considerably with regard to overall employee morale; as a direct result, revenue has shown a significant decline within a very brief period. The writer analyzes the situation with the help of an employee survey/interview, as well as suggests improvements to rectify the situation. Bibliography lists 2 sources. TLCgraph.wps

Significance of the Software Development Life Cycle at Dupont Yard : An 8 page research paper that is written in the form of an investigative report into the how a planned software development program for a corporation failed to meet its stated objectives. The writer details what went wrong and gives suggestions that can be implemented to facilitate the software development life cycle in the future. Bibliography lists 3 sources. 90sftwrd.wps

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