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Acupuncture / Does It Work ? : An 8 page research paper exploring the efficacy of the Chinese use of acupuncture. It is only during the last two decades that Western culture has begun to accept this 5,000 year-old treatment procedure. The fact that the reasons acupuncture works in so many cases cannot be scientifically identified has created barriers to the use of this therapy in Western medicine. Numerous research studies reported in this paper clearly reveal that acupuncture is more effective than traditional Western medicine in a number of conditions. The writer offers evidence of the benefits of this ancient Chinese medical treatment process. Bibliography includd. Acupunc.wps

Biofeedback for Pain & Stress Management : 13 pages in length. A comprehensive overview of how Biofeedback is used by medical practitioners to manage pain. Instruments and techniques are evaluatively examined. The role of brainwave activity and the procedural operations involved in successful biofeedback are also discussed in considerable detail. The writer concludes with a detailing of research and trends in the field. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Biofeedb.wps

Biofeedback & Prosthetic Body Parts : A 5 page overview of the current state of prosthetics new innovations in biofeedback which give the patient more control over the device. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Bipros.wps

The Hypothalmic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis & Alternatives To Stress Management : A 12 page paper discussing physical reactions to stress and alternative therapies available to decrease the physical disorders it causes. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Pituit.doc

Degenerative Diseases Caused by the Modern Diet : A 12 page discussion of problems in the modern American / Western diet and the degenerative diseases caused by them. Certain cancers, gout, osteoporosis, and more are noted as being caused by specific nutritional deficits, high fat foods, excess protein, and more. Several studies are cited. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Diet.wps

Hydrotherapy : A 3 page research paper on the benefits of hydrotherapy. Subjects covered include mitochondrial myopathy, arthritis, sore muscles, and asthma. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hydro.wps

Massage Therapy / Overview : A 3 page research paper on the benefits of massage therapy, including a recent study showing benefits in areas ranging from cancer to stress. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Masther.wps

Meditation Benefits : A 3 page research paper discussing the benefits of various meditative practices, including T’ai Chi, Shamanic Journeying, channeling, and creative visualization. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Meditben.wps

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine : 8 pages in length. The recent trend toward alternative therapies, such as traditional Chinese herbal medicine, is one that warrants the attention of the Western medical society. Not only are the herbal therapies valued for their healing abilities, but when used in conjunction with other alternative modalities, they provide a much more comprehensive approach to overall health and healing. The writer discusses the history behind traditional Chinese herbal medicine, as well as addresses its uses in today's American society. Bibliography lists 5 sources. HerbMed.wps

Fighting Cancer / Natural Preventions and Herbal Remedies : A 13 page research paper on some of the more common alternative herbal (and other natural) preventions & remedies for cancer. High fiber diets and the use of Echinacea, Goldenseal, Ginsea, Cayenne, and many others are discussed and then evaluated with regard to their effectiveness and side effects (if any). A section is devoted to warning us about some of the more dangerous remedies that exist. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Herbalre.wps

Herbs / Regulation : A 10 page research essay on the harmful effects of unlabeled herbal products. The writer argues that the herbs should require testing for safety, efficacy and adverse reactions like any other drug. The writer supports this argument with a listing of known deaths linked to herbs and other adverse effects, the relatively short list of "safe" herbs, based on few research studies, and how the FDA hands have been tied to regulate the industry by a few special interest groups. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Herbregs.wps

Feverfew / Keeping Ahead Of Migraine Pain : A 5 page review of the article by Steven Foster published in "Better Nutrition" October, 1996. Analyzes the literature presented in the article and compares it with the new findings presented. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Migrc.wps

How Vitamins Fight Cancer : 9 pages in length. Vitamins have long been touted as cancer-fighting agents when supplemented with an already vitamin-rich diet. Their effects on abating symptoms and even arresting various cancers have been studied with great interest over the past several years. The writer addresses both the skepticism and optimism of vitamin therapy with regard to the fight against cancer. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Vitcanc.wps

"Harvesting the Dead" : A 2 page review of Willard Gaylin's article entitled "Harvesting the Dead" in which the author discusses possibilities concerning the use of living parts in newly/near-dead people to medically assist others. No Bibliography. Deadarti.wps

Healing Nutritional Approaches to Common Health Problems : A 15 page paper on Dr. Wright's Book of Nutritional Therapy. The writer details the premise of the book, the case studies involved, and information on using diet and supplements to improve health and prevent illness. There is no bibliography. Healnutr.wps

Metaphysical Medicine : A 45 page argumentative research paper in support of incorporating metaphysical medicine and techniques into western medical practice. The author discusses the current literature in support of using meditation, yoga, t’ai chi, and other practices in medicine and analyzes western findings in relationship to eastern philosophy. The author also argues that a giant leap of faith should include the full embodiment of eastern (Buddhist/Hindu) medical philosophy based on Tantric theories. Other theories argued in support include scientific discoveries in regards energy, Chinese medicine, Native American beliefs, and Christian beliefs concerning the topic. Bibliography lists 51 sources. Metameds.wps

Homeopathy : Paper is 6 pages in length. Writer provides a brief, definitive history of homeopathy and analyzes its potential effectiveness as a treatment. Homeopathy is defined as a highly systematic method of powerfully stimulating the body's own healing processes in order to cure illness. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Homeopat.wps

Homeopathy -- Hocus-Pocus or Real Magic? A 9-page research paper on the controversial methods used in traditional and non-traditional treatment methods. The paper presents both sides, and well as a brief description of the history of homeopathy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Homeopat2.wps

Discussion of Homeopathic Concepts and Remedies : A 15 page research paper on homeopathic remedies. The writer details the history of homeopathy, is concepts and rules, the nature of the remedies and how to use them, and the application of the remedies to particular age groups. Homeopa3.wps

Marijuana as Medicine ? : 15 pages on the historic controversy over marijuana's usefulness & legalization. The writer goes into great detail about the drug's alleged medical value and elaborates what has been discovered thus far. It is concluded that after all the evidence, federal court rulings, and experiments, marijuana it seems, does indeed cloud the mind. But in this instance, "the clouded minds are in government buildings," as marijuana has indeed showed an outstanding level of usefulness for certain patients committed to hospital care. Bibliography is missing. Legalmr2.wps

Ethical Issues Concerning Medical Use of Marijuana : A 6 page research paper on whether it is ethical for physicians to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes in extreme cases. The writer details both sides of the controversy, the evidence in support of not prescribing it, and the ethical considerations which are pertinent--ultimately arguing in favor of one side. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Medmarij.wps

Medical Marijuana : The thesis of this 10 page paper is that there is a medical necessity for the legal use of marijuana. There is significant evidence that supports the benefits of THC, a chemical found in marijuana, is beneficial for sufferers of cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. Though THC is available in tablet form, many seriously ill patients cannot take the oral medication, and many complain that the pill is ineffective. If the use of marijuana can significantly reduce the suffering of severely ill individuals, it is a civic and political necessity to promote legal use. Mednecc.wps

Medical Marijuana # 2 : A 22 page paper that considers the opposing perspectives on the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This paper provides both pros and cons and than provides support for the legal use of marijuana for the treatment of symptoms of serious illnesses. Bibliography with 10 sources cited. Medimari.wps

Medicinal Marijuana : A 16 page discussion of the pros and cons in the consideration of legalization of marijuana for use in medical purposes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Marmed.wps

Special Interest Democracy and Marijuana : A 5 page essay that posits that democracy in America has changed, point in case, the nonsensical reasons behind the government’s fight against marijuana as a medicine. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Demmarij.wps

Midwifery & Pregnancy Care : A 6 page research paper comparing the Obstetrical Model for pregnancy care with the Midwifery Model. The latter example is touted as being the more useful -- as fewer and fewer physicians are even offering obstetric care at all anymore. Some historic insight is provided into how and why Midwifery got such a bad reputation over the years and how the time has come for such negative views to change. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Midwifer.wps

Principles and Concepts of Iridology : A 15 page research paper on iridology, what it is and how it works. The writer details the history of iridology, the methods used for diagnosis, the meaning of structures in the iris, and how it is currently accepted in the medical world. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Iridolog.wps

Reflexology / Successful Healing Through The Feet ! : 14 pages in length. Foot Reflexology is the practice of stimulating areas of the feet that correspond to parts of the body with specific hand, thumb and finger techniques. This stimulation is believed to have a positive effect on a person's health and well-being. In this research paper on Reflexology, the writer discusses how the concept works, examples of its success & various uses, effects on circulation, evaluation of reflexology's major criticisms, etc;. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Reflexol.wps

Healing Sites / Importance To Christianity : A 7 page paper discussing the reasons healing sites, such as Lourdes, holy wells and other shrines, are important to the Christian faith. Different aspects such as hope, faith, and continuity are discussed with examples from research. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Healsite.wps

Review of "Vitamin C exhibits pro-oxidant properties" : A 4 page paper reviewing the report of a specific research. The article investigates whether there may be some detriment to the advice of the popular press that Vitamin C as a dietary supplement in fairly large doses. Published in Nature, the article is very brief. It lacks any literature review at all, and the discussion of findings also is very brief. However, it has great clarity in describing the methods used in the study, and lends itself well to being replicated by other researchers. Bibliography lists 1 source. KSvitc.wps

Wellness Centers / Medically-Based vs. Fitness-Based : 40 pages in length. The writer discusses the fact that within the world of physical and mental wellness, there are two very different approaches to the same goal: medical and fitness. The two vastly diverse programs offered at wellness centers around the world provide similar benefits; however, it is the road taken to achieve these benefits that greatly differ. Medically-based wellness centers are geared more toward the traditional, pharmaceutical therapy that has sustained throughout the centuries. Fitness-based wellness centers, on the other hand, utilize one's inherent physical abilities, coupled with nutrition, relaxation and exercise, to aid in the body's recuperation. Granted, both entities have their specific place within the interworkings of overall wellness, yet their diversity maintains them as separate practices. Current trends, however, are showing a voluntary merging of the two applications to work toward a comprehensive approach to health care. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Wellcent.wps

Rogers & Watson : A 6 page paper discussing the two different nursing theories that are held by Martha Rogers and Jean Watson. These theories of nursing are based on the 4 major concepts of nurse theory, which are person, environment, health, and nursing. Each of the theories held by these women is presented and then is followed by a comparisona and contrast of each opinion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rogwat.wps

Jean Watson & Holistic Nursing : Jean Watson has played a major role in determining the link between nursing identity and holistic healing, and has supported the integration of a new vision of nursing process within the profession. This 5 page paper considers the role of Jean Watson in asserting a holistic model for nursing and then relates this vision to a philosophy on holistic care. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jeanwats.wps

Healing Through Art : The western medical establishment has come to recognize the value of dance, music, literature, painting and drama in preventing and treating illness. Techniques such as guided imagery, dance, art therapy and music have become the tools of health care professionals in all areas. These techniques have much in common with the Chinese practices of Qigong, yoga and acupressure. Eastern methods often integrate contemporary medical practices with ancient forms of healing. The western medical establishment is learning to give the Chinese practices the credit they deserve for the benefits they are able to bring to patients. This 6 page paper examines the use of both Eastern and Western therapies with a foundation of dance or music. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Ewheal.wps

Alternative Health Care / Argument for Insurance Coverage : A 5 page argumentative essay in support of insurance coverage for alternative health care. The writer contrasts the current situation with the 1970s introduction of psychotherapy into the company benefits plan, and argues against arguments calling alternative methods quackery. Argument is supported by research, government support, public opinion, and examples of healing. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cnholins.wps

The Advent of Modern Medicine : A 9 page research paper which looks at what is generally meant by the term "modern medicine." The writer demonstrates how this term can vary according to whether one is looking at certain key philosophical changes or actual advancements in practical applications. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Modmed.wps

1930's Irish Medical Care & Cerebral Palsy / Book Review : A 3 page review of Christy Brown's touching personal story entitled "My Left Foot" -- the auto-biography of an individual who suffered from Cerebral Palsy and was paralyzed so that he had control over only one foot. The writer focuses upon Christy's struggles and the idea that his story evidences the importance of treating everyone like an equal human being. No Bibliography. Mleftfot.wps

Are There Positive Outcomes To Medical Malpractice Reform? : A 25 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of malpractice reform, and considers the question of whether there are benefits to reform policies in light of the prominent arguments regarding proposed legislation over the past decade. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Medmal.wps

Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals : A 30 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the problem of addressing indoor air quality in hospital settings to prevent the spread of infection. This paper considers the scope of the problem, reflects upon the most commonly applied solutions to the problem, and considers their effectiveness in hospital settings. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Hospair.wps

Tailored Communication in Health Care : A 15 page overview of the importance of effective communication in health care emphasizing that misunderstandings can not only be costly but also potentially deadly. Stresses that in many cases information must be tailored to meet a patient’s cultural or educational background. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Hlthcomm.wps

Career Opportunities in Pediatric Care : 6 pages on the importance of pediatricians and the valuable service they perform. Information concerning job tasks, salaries, educational requirements, and job opportunities is provided. The qualities of a "good" pediatrician are discussed as well. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pediatrc.wps

Computers & Medical Technology : 7 pages in length. Discussed are the history of computers in medicine, the concept of "tele-medicine," and most importantly the concept of computer-aided surgery, which enables doctors and interns to practice complex surgical procedures on "virtual patients" instead of upon live human subjects. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Compsurg.wps

Computers In Medicine : A 15 page research paper dealing with some of the current and anticipated uses of computers in the medical field. Aside from the obvious, the paper goes in depth into some of the various imaging techniques, particularly MRI. It includes a brief history of the computer in general and the computer in medicine, as well as a detailed discussion of the mechanism of imaging. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Comp-med.wps

Fiber Optics : A 4 page paper dealing with fiber optics. Included is a description of fiber optic cables and their use in medicine, telecommunication and other fields. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fireopti.wps

Laser Beams & Laser Technology : An 11 page research paper on lasers and laser technology. The writer defines ‘laser beam’.. gives examples of lasers in medicine where some remarkable procedures are occuring including : lasers and cosmetic surgery; lasers and ophthamology; lasers and the military; laser technology in the office; lasers for fun: holography, entertainment, and more. Lasers have diverse uses and have revolutionized differenct areas of life. Extensive bibliography is included. Lasers.wps

Breast Feeding / Benefits, Misconceptions & Challenges To Public Health : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the findings in the current health literature related to the issue of breast feeding, reflects the benefits over bottle feeding, and then considers the implications of misconceptions and health issues for public health. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Brfeed.wps

Exercise & Anxiety : An 8 page research paper exploring the relationship between exercise and anxiety. The writer begins by offering operational definitions, the results of a literature search and concludes with a summary and recommendations for further research. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Exercise.wps

Exercise-Induced Asthma : A 6 page paper on the causes of asthma and its relationship to exercise. Main focus is on youth sports in schools. Subjects covered include: medications, alternative treatments (warm-ups, masks/scarves, swimming for cardiovascular and strength training, relaxation), and what school coaches and parents in combination can do to help young athletes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Exasthma.wps

Creating an Asthma Education Program : An 8 page research paper which examines topics which should be covered in establishing an education program which will empower both the asthma patient and the patient’s family to take control of this chronic, yet controllable disease. The writer covers such topics as creating a personalized care plan, the role of allergens, and how to control them in the home environment. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Asthmaed.wps

Asthma’s Effects on Lung Function : This 5 page paper addresses diagnosis and treatment of the disease in terms of lung function. The healthy lung is examined in order to explain its reaction during acute asthma episodes. Possible long term consequences of the disease and treatment, as it pertains to the lungs, are examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Asthlung.wps

The Human Respiratory System & Intense Exercise : A 4 page paper on the human respiratory system. The writer covers how the system works, the lungs' capacity for holding air, and that which specifically takes place during inhalation and exhalation. Applying these principles, the paper then attempts to solve whether the human respiratory system acts as a hindrance during intense exercise. It is concluded that the load on the respiratory muscles has only a minor role in the regulation of ventilation during heavy exercise. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Respsyst.wps

Nutrition and Athletic Performance : A 5 page research essay exploring the role of nutrition in athletic performance. Discussion includes the value as well as potential detrimental effects of fat and carbohydrate loading, hydration, vitamins and minerals. Suggestions given regarding intake of these elements. Bibliography includes 6 references. Athletes.wps

Caffeine And Behavior : An 11 page paper that discusses the impacts of caffeine on behavior, based on physiological changes caused by the drug. This paper considers physiological changes relative to neurotransmissions that impact behavioral considerations presented in a number of supporting studies. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Caffeine.wps

The Medical Supply Industry : A 4 page overview of the demographic and other factors concerning the medial supply industry. Various statistics are cited concerning sales forecasts, imports/exports, and more. The writer concludes that the industry is a benevolent one-- who purpose is geared towards helping others-- and whose money primarily goes to just that cause. Industry.wps

Hospital Mergers / Pros and Cons : A 6 page overview of the history of structural change within U.S. hospitals. An emphasis is placed on the merging of smaller hospitals into large hospital systems and the pros and cons of those mergers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hospmerg.wps

Generic Drugs vs. Non-Generic Drugs / Not Getting What We Pay For : An 8 page paper that considers the issues surrounding the use of less expensive generic drugs, and determines the issues related to this pharmacological conflict. Bibliography included. Generics.wps

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria / A Medical Waste Landfill : A 5 page overview of existence of and the dangers presented by antibiotic resistant bacteria. Includes specific information regarding persistent and resistant bacteria in the Tulalip medical waste landfill in Marysville, Washington. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Resisbac.wps

Supply & Demand Of Physicians : 6 pages in length. Change in physician supply and demand has occurred in the past twenty plus years with an anticipation of increases in some areas and decreases in other areas. Predictions are made as to the supply and demand for physicians in the year 2000. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Physuply.wps

Drug Price Control : An 11 page paper that discusses the topic of drug price control as it relates to health care and health maintenance organizations. This paper takes a specific look at the way HMOs impact drug pricing. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Drugpric.wps

Pharmaceutical Advertising in Europe & The United States : This 30 page report discusses the similarities and differences of pharmaceutical advertising in the U. S. and Europe. Other advertising issues of importance to the drug industry – cost of advertising, regulatory constraints, advertising ROI, consumer perception – are also examined. The current health care system and its interaction with pharmaceutical companies, as well as the future of the pharmaceutical industry are reviewed. Bibliography lists 33 sources. Pharmacy.wps

The Pharmaceutical Industry : This 5 page report looks at this industry historically in addition to its effects on society today. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Pharm.wps

Pharmacy in the Year 2035 : An interesting 5 page look at an American where medicine can be dispensed to anyone- whether or not they have enough money to pay for it. Based on the assumption that Bill Clinton's 1996 health care initiative would have been passed, this paper examines what pharmacy would be like in the year 2035. Pharmacists themselves will have a much greater wealth of responsibilities including consultation services, more stringent educational requirements (Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, etc;). Issues concerning pricing and the pharmaceutical industry itself are examined as well. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pharmfut.wps

Pharmacy in the Year 2035 # 2 : In this 5 page essay, the writer feels that a future world in which Bill Clinton's health care initiative had been passed would be with an institutionalized, old-fashioned multi-tier system of health care. Prescriptions are more readily available in this fictitious version of the year 2035 and the role of the pharmacist has inherently evolved from being just a "providor" to that of a "public educator." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Pharmfu2.wps

Pharmacy in the Year 2035 # 3 : 6 pages in length. An insightful look at what pharmacy and pharmaceutical care would be like in the year 2035 if Bill Clinton's 1996 health care initiative had been passed. The writer points optimistically to many positive changes including greater accessibility to medicine, better cost control, and more.. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pharmfu3.wps

Pharmacy Communications / Bridging The Gap : An 8 page report the discusses the problems of pharmacist image and how that contributes to the lack of communication with consumers. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pharmc.wps

Pharmacy Communications : A 6 page paper discussing barriers to pharmacy communications that existed in the past; however, today those barriers are quickly disappearing thanks to such technologies as open hub, the Internet, and the availability of on-line benefits. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pharmcom.wps

Human Growth Hormones, Creatine Monohydrate, & Steroids: A 10 page examination of steroids, nutritional supplements and other means used by athletes to enhance physical prowess. Bibliography lists fifteen sources. Creatini.wps

The Human Body, Chemistry, & Steroids : Written mostly from a scientific perspective, this 7 page paper discusses the chemistry of steroids, bio-physiological implications, and more. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Steroid3.wps

Abuse / A Medical Perspective : An 8 page overview of the importance of medical intervention in cases of domestic abuse. Provides numerous statistics about women who experience domestic abuse and concludes that it is medical personnel's responsibility not only to provide medical treatment for these women but also to correctly diagnose these women so that their chances of escaping their situation is increased. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Abusemed.wps

Effects Of Marijuana Use : In 5 pages the author discusses the effects of marijuana use, using theories that have been posited on the topic. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mareff.wps

Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) & Its Effects On The Human Body : A 5 page overview of Cannabis sativa (marijuana), its effects on the human body and the controversy surrounding whether these effects are beneficial or detrimental. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cannabis.wps

Near Death Experiences -- Are They Real ? : A 9 page research paper examining the validity of alleged Near Death Experiences (NDE). Since Raymond Moody coined the term with the publication of Life After Life in 1975, the entire issue has been under debate. Though some researchers maintain that the NDE is nothing more than a product of physiological changes the body undergoes when death is imminent, their scientific logic is found to be faulty. The body of knowledge surrounding the NDE is too vast to be dismissed because of our inability to clinically replicate the events encompassed by the NDE. That same inability does nothing to prevent the stars from existing and maintaining their positions, either. Those who have returned unshakably hold that their experiences were in fact very real, regardless of what some researchers want to say about those experiences. Thus, the writer of this paper makes a strong argument that NDEs are indeed, very real. Bibliography lists 9 sources. FREE Outline included. Nde.wps

Review of Three Articles About Near Death Experiences : This 5 page paper compares and criticizes three articles written about near death experiences. The author of the paper establishes which paper is the most credible of the three and to which the author had the strongest response. Bibliography lists four sources. Neardeat.wps


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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

Medical Ethics

Alternative Medicine
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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

Medical Ethics

Alternative Medicine
& Holistic Practices

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

Medical Ethics

Alternative Medicine
& Holistic Practices

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Disease Treatment & Epidemiology

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